Ashagram Rehabilitation Centre

Asha Bahvan has become a role model project in the care of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. But there are miles to go. The issue of rehabilitating the elderly boys was another problem to face. Even the Government had no answer. So there comes the dream project: ‘Ashagram‘ – A Village of Hope. Param Prasad Charitable Society has purchased a big plot of land and developed it into a centre for the rehabilitation and training of Adults with intellectual disabilities at Wagjaiwadi in Koregaon Taluka.

Ashagram supports for the allround development of adults with disabilities. It gives them training in various lifeskills and independent living skills. The rejuvenating atmosphere in Ashagram makes the people feel fresh and energetic. Support of many made us realise these dream and hope for future support. The sky is our limit and we believe that you are with us.